Our experience in your industry means that we not only know but also understand your legal service needs.

For this reason, our team is made up of specialists not only in the legal fields concerned, but also in the individual business sectors.

Trade and distribution, FMCG

Retail and consumer products companies need to keep abreast of the rapidly changing views and requirements of their clients and the evolving environment of regulatory and compliance issues – all within the context of their own business plans and objectives. 

At GRK Adwokaci, we provide comprehensive business-oriented legal support to consist in: 
  • help to create publicity campaigns
  • participation in the rebranding process
  • drafting of online shop regulations or general terms and conditions of contracts with counterparties
  • handling national and international commercial disputes 
  • support to clients in the enforcement of debts owed by contractors.

Light industry, heavy industry

We provide comprehensive legal services to companies belonging to the heavy and light industries. We work for companies in the construction, chemical, food and clothing industries offering ongoing and project-based legal advice.

As part of our ongoing legal services, we:
  • draft contracts, R&D project concepts
  • work to optimiss employment costs
  • support our clients in the process of servicing the debt restructuring of manufacturing companies in bankruptcy or at risk of bankruptcy.

Pharmaceuticals and health care

In this area of our activities, we: 
  • provide comprehensive advisory services for the day-to-day operations of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic companies as well as pharmacy chains and pharmaceutical wholesalers
  • assist in developing business models and implementing practices that ensure the security of our clients' day-to-day operations
  • advise Polish and international pharmaceutical corporations, medium-sized domestic pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of medical devices, pharmaceutical raw materials, dietary supplements and cosmetics
  • develop for our clients safe marketing strategies
  • draft distribution agreements
  • implement pharmacovigilance procedures or strategies for obtaining reimbursement for a medicinal product thanks to our orientation on the latest legal changes, as well as many years of experience in dealing with authorities and regulatory bodies 
  • represent clients in court proceedings and proceedings before administrative authorities, including the President of the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products, the Minister of Health, the National Health Fund, pharmaceutical inspection and supervision authorities (GIF, WIF), sanitary inspection authorities (GIS, WIS, PIS), and before the authorities of the pharmacists' and doctors' self-government.
Our lawyers are members of a number of think-tanks oriented towards the promotion of patients' rights and access to state-of-the-art forms of therapy, taking an active part in webinars, seminars and training events for medical professionals

Tourism and hospitality

With over 20 years of experience of our lawyers in servicing Poland's largest hospitality providers, we are familiar with the current issues facing operators in the hotel and tourism industry. 

Our clients include:
  • local, national and international hotels and resorts
  • restaurants
  • franchise chains
  • wineries
  • alcoholic beverage distributors. 
From traditional real estate acquisitions, disposals and financing to the protection of high-end restaurant concepts or technology agreements for the latest mobile accommodation booking apps, the substantive knowledge of our lawyers have been honed through years of experience in the industry. 
Our lawyers draft and negotiate:
  • real estate purchase contracts 
  • sale and lease-back transactions 
  • management agreements
  • franchise agreements
  • group sales agreements 
  • intellectual property law licensing agreements
Whilst supporting our clients every step of the way to grow their business.

New technologies

Keeping pace with the constant changes in the technology sector, we adapt our services to our clients' business models. 

Our activities comprise: 
  • preparation, adaptation and negotiation of licensing and transfer of rights agreements
  • drafting agreements with employees and subcontractors ensuring the effective acquisition of intellectual property rights to the solutions that have been developed
  • conducting due diligence of agreements regulating rights to new technologies
  • representing our clients in proceedings to assert the rights of software companies.

Infrastructure and environment

Our lawyers have experience in the mining and natural resources industry, which allows us to have an in-depth understanding of the technical issues underlying the legal problems faced by our clients. We provide legal advice on the investment process as well as environmental risk management strategies. 

We have extensive experience in cases involving:
  • environmental disputes
  • government enforcement actions
  • interpretation of national and EU regulations 
  • administrative proceedings under civil and criminal law concerning environmental issues.

Real estate

We provide clients with extensive industry knowledge gained through our experience in handling projects such as:
  • hotels and resorts
  • construction of factories and warehouses, shopping malls (in cities, within housing estates or big-box retail)
  • mixed-use projects
  • large residential communities
  • industrial parks 
  • various other projects such as gambling casinos and bonded warehouses. 

As part of our firm, we conduct legal audits of real estate, provide comprehensive transactional services, negotiate sale, lease and rental agreements and provide comprehensive legal services for the project dvelopment process.

Creative industry

The specialists at GRK Adwokaci have many years of experience in serving entities in the media and entertainment industry, in:
  • preparation and negotiation of contracts, rules and procedures 
  • handling of legal disputes.

Our clients range from authors to producers and impresario agencies. Working with such diverse entities has enabled us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the specifics of the media and entertainment industry. Our team has succeeded in providing comprehensive legal services to both small-scale projects and international audiovisual productions with high-value budgets, including those carried out for global streaming platforms, to the full satisfaction of our clients. We also support clients in the process of obtaining financial support for audiovisual productions made by the Polish Film Institute (cash rebate). 

High-quality service, commitment and experience – these are the pillars on which we have built our law firm.

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