Commitment and professionalism

Healthcare entities combine science, technology and expertise, needing lawyers to provide them with a stable environment to practice and conduct their business amidst increasing regulation, constant market changes and political pressure.

At GRK Adwokaci, we understand this unique business and regulatory environment. Working with a range of medical professionals, we provide practical, safe and effective solutions. We are always on the side of medical personnel and healthcare providers, offering them legal support in civil, criminal, disciplinary cases, proceedings before the Patients’ Ombudsman, Regional Medical Injury Boards, or the National Health Fund. 

Representation of the medical profession: 
  • representation of medical personnel in civil, criminal and disciplinary proceedings relating to the exercise of their profession
  • representation of and advice to clients in the event of inspections or administrative decisions
  • legal services for the implementation of contracts with the National Health Fund (NFZ)
  • conducting an appeal procedure against the decisions of the Directors of the Provincial Branches of the NFZ
  • protection of doctors' personal rights
  • representation before the Regional Medical Injury Boards
  • representation in proceedings before the Patients’ Ombudsman
  • representation of corporate clients, hospitals, medical practices, health care facilities
  • provision of comprehensive, day-to-day legal services to healthcare entities
  • advising on the transformation of public health establishments into commercial companies
  • legal advice in the implementation of investments in the healthcare market
  • mergers, acquisitions, liquidations and restructuring of health care institutions
  • drafting and giving opinions on internal documents, including by-laws, contracts and approvals
  • legal advice in tender procedures
  • audits of medical facilities
  • delivery of training to medical personnel
  • preparation of medical documentation.
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