Commitment and professionalism

In order to support our clients in cases involving the protection of personal rights and social media, our law firm offers a comprehensive package of services, starting with an assessment of whether an infringement has occurred and, if so, to what extent, and whether the matter has a real chance of winning in court – in which case we develop a strategy and represent the client before the court, regardless of their litigation role. We have extensive experience in dealing with clients who are public figures.

We offer services in the following areas:

Claims under press law
  • representing clients in press law litigation against publishers, editors and authors of press publications
  • preparing press corrigenda and effectively pursuing their publication 
  • infringements of personal rights on the Internet 
  • violations of our clients' personal rights on the Internet and point to innovative ways of securing evidence
  • legal services to the authors of content published on all kinds of social media in respect of their activities.

Mediation, civil and criminal proceedings
  • provision of advice in prelitigation negotiations in disputes arising from violations of personal rights
  • representing clients in civil proceedings for the protection of personal rights
  • if necessary, reaching for criminal law protection measures
  • representing clients in defamation or insult cases. 

Media campaigns
  • provision of opinions on online media campaigns for legal compliance.

Image agreements 
  • we advise on image use agreements working with well-known advertising agencies, stage artists and well-known Polish actors.
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