Commitment and professionalism

Our highly qualified team focus on high-risk civil and commercial litigation. We represent clients in litigation and arbitration proceedings, including those with an international reach, as well as in regulatory proceedings regardless of where the dispute is pending..

Mediation and negotiation
  • supporting clients in a mediation procedure that avoids costly and lengthy court proceedings
  • helping the parties to reach a satisfactory agreement fully securing their interests
  • preparing and negotiating draft agreements and supporting their implementation.

Commercial disputes
We represent clients in commercial litigation before all courts and in all instances, in the field of broadly defined contract and tort law, in particular in cases involving non-performance or undue performance of a contract, claims for damages, arising from contractual penalties, right of recourse, or unjust enrichment. Our team works in various sectors and branches of the economy, taking into account the individual challenges of each industry. We have extensive experience in drafting cassation appeals to the Supreme Court, achieving a near perfect success rate in getting the complaint accepted for examination.

Unfair market practices and competition law
Our lawyers are experienced, successful experts who represent clients in individual and class actions, arbitration and mediation in competition law. We work with clients to establish a strategy from the outset, using our expertise gained by handling local and cross-border cases.
Our expertise and experience include: 
  • conducting litigation of all types
  • obtaining injunctions to secure supplies from a dominant manufacturer 
  • help in resolving competition law issues arising from merger and acquisition transactions
  • defending our clients in cases for damages and ensure that they are protected from the early stages of an anti-monopoly investigation 
  • developing a comprehensive defence strategy from the outset to we provide consistent advice at every stage of the case – from initial review, through anti-monopoly settlements, to out-of-court settlements and disputes.

Product liability
We support our clients in managing risks associated with the development, production, use, safety, recovery and disposal of products. Our experience allows us to combine market knowledge with legal expertise to help clients manage product compliance risks and take corrective action across a range of industries. Our team follows the evolution of compliance standards and works closely with law enforcement to minimise product marketing risks.

Our services include:
  • supplier due diligence
  • analysis of goods' compliance with product type-specific quality regulations
  • internal product compliance assessment programmes
  • audits and investigations
  • regulatory interventions
  • local and global product recalls
  • product liability litigation and arbitration.

Post-transaction disputes (post M&A)
Supporting clients in corporate and M&A disputes is also part of our practice. We understand not only the legal framework of corporate transactions, but also the broader commercial context. This enables us to provide practical advice tailored to the client's business realities.
We advise on corporate disputes relating to: 
  • shareholders' and joint venture agreements
  • letters of intent and minority shareholder claims
  • M&A disputes relating to warranty and indemnity claims
  • liquidation of companies, 
  • escrow accounts 
  • rights to dividend 
  • claims concerning call and put options.

Construction projects
The comprehensive support we provide to our clients in construction processes covers:
  • representation in deadlings with public administration bodies
  • obtaining the administrative decisions necessary for project implementation
  • if necessary, defence of their their rights in administrative court proceedings, including before the Supreme Administrative Court
  • negotiation and drafting of contracts in the relationships between the project owner and contractor and between the contractor and a subcontractor
  • billing of construction projects
  • representation in pre-court mediations and court trials, for which we cooperate with experts whose expertise supports us in achieving our goal.
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