Commitment and professionalism

Business law is one of the largest areas of our firm's practice, encompassing mergers and acquisitions, private equity, private fund formation, communications, media and technology, financial institutions, and competition as well as EU business law. Our clients include many leading Polish and global companies, including companies on the Global Fortune 500 list.

We advise clients at every stage of business development, from its start, through ongoing legal services, to litigation or negotiations with their business partners. Thanks to the practical experience gained by our lawyers acting in the governing bodies of companies from various sectors of the economy, we understand the businesses we support.

Our services:

Corporate lawyer/ Outside GC

  • providing day-to-day legal services through a corporate lawyer – General Counsel (GC)
  • constant contact with the client to resolve day-to-day legal issues on an ongoing basis
  • providing legal advice, not only at strategic moments in the company’s operation, such as the creation of a new entity, demerger, merger or transformation, but also participating in its day-to-day operation
  • support in all legal matters such as labour law, corporate law, environmental law, public procurement law or specific legal issues for specific economic sectors
  • conducting contract negotiations with full knowledge of the industry concerned.

Representation of the interests of a shareholder

  • legal support and advice to partners and shareholders of partnerships and companies
  • representation at shareholders' meetings,
  • exercise of minority shareholder rights,
  • challenging resolutions of the shareholders' meeting
  • support in the implementation of the right to dividend

Advice on starting a business

  • drafting articles of association, remuneration regulations and bylaws of company bodies, preparation of management contracts
  • advice on optimising the legal form of the entity
  • support for the establishment of ownership structures
  • sourcing foreign workers

Contracts and business negotiations

  • preparation, analysis and negotiation of commercial contracts
  • drafting model contracts, general terms and conditions, rules and regulations
  • support in the negotiation process

Remote services to foreign companies in Poland

  • selection of the optimal legal form, forms of financing and incorporation of companies for foreign entities starting their operations in Poland
  • supporting companies with foreign boards in the day-to-day management activities of the company to include: filing of financial statements, making entries in the Register of Beneficial Owners
  • ensuring implementation of internal global compliance policies.
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